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Hours of operation
Mon & Fri 8:30 Am -4:30 PM
Tues, Wed, Thur 8:30 AM till 4 PM
Saturday: 9 AM till 1 PM
1745 North 7th Street
Harrisburg, PA  17102
We attribute our success to:
• Generating long-term commitments with our core customers
• Changing our services as the market changes
• Providing reliable service and competitive pricing
• Employing a staff that is eager to learn and grow as our company grows
• Treating our core vendors and customers with fairness and respect

Our two locations – Susquehanna Recycling at 1745 North 7th Street In Harrisburg, Pa. Maryland Core at 6519 Quad  Ave in in Baltimore, Md. – allow us to provide the cores needed in the auto recycling and remanufacturing industry.

We also buy ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This combined partnership has allowed us to provide a steady source of cores to the domestic and foreign market.
​Several factors go into the current market value of scrap metal. For current pricing please call our office at (717) 232-4964

Customers are among our Company's most valuable assets. Every employee represents Susquehanna Recycling to our customers and the public. The way we do our jobs presents an image of our entire Company. Customers judge all of us by how they are treated with each employee contact. Therefore, one of our first business priorities is to assist any customer or potential customer. Nothing is more important than being courteous, friendly, helpful, and prompt in the attention you give to customers.

Our personal contact with the public, our manners on the telephone, and the communications we send to customers are a reflection not only of ourselves, but also of the professionalism of Susquehanna Recycling. Positive customer relations not only enhance the public's perception or image of Susquehanna Recycling, but also pay off in greater customer loyalty and increased sales and profit.

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With more than 30 years of experience, we at Susquehanna Recycling are proud to say that we’re a leader in our industry.


Phone: (717)232-4964
Fax: (717) 232-4649
Find our information and regularly updated prices on iScrap online App also available for iPhone or Android.